Casey P. Hargrove of Red Oak Texas commits massive defamation and ignores Correction and Retraction Demand from William M. Windsor – Part 1

0-background-roller_red_blood_concept-cropped-cease-retraction-200wCasey P. Hargrove of Red Oak Texas has committed massive defamation and ignored Correction and Retraction Demand from William M. Windsor

Casey P. Hargrove writes as “Ginger Snap” on

If  you haven’t been keeping up with Lawless America and me on Facebook at or or, you may be surprised to learn that the Joeyisalittlekid Gang of cyberstalkers has viciously defamed William M. Windsor with thousands of false and defamatory statements online.

In May 2014, I had just completed reading 276 published articles by Casey P. Hargrove that are either about me or refer to me.  I demanded a retraction and correction of everything that had been written.  The request was ignored by Casey P. Hargrove.

At that time, on the Joeyisalittlekid website, there are over 320 articles filling over 7,000 pages, written by about 700 screen names, 95% of which are aliases or anonymous.  I  will publish all the false and/or defamatory statements as time permits.

Here are just a few of the false and/or defamatory statements published by Casey P. Hargrove:

122 of the 276 published articles on Joeyisalittlekid‘s website (“JIALK”) either accuse me of a crime or imply that I have committed a crime. (67 stalking; 17 scam; 14 con; 3 mail fraud; 12 tax fraud; 40 terrorist activities; 4 blackmail.)  In three articles, Casey P. Hargrove indicated that I plan to kill government officials.  These statistics apply only the published articles, not the approximately 40,000 published comments added to the articles.  I have never committed any such crime.  I have never planned to kill any government official, and I would never kill anyone or have anyone else kill someone.

On February 5, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “Day One of Failure In DC is In The History Books — Several dozens of followers gathered in a small room yesterday to start the movement that will change the this Country forever.  The group represents a diverse congregation of criminals, malcontents and psychopaths.”  This is a totally false report.  There were many false reports about the event by Casey P. Hargrove.  There were approximately 300 people in a large room, and the event was most definitely a success.  This does, however, illustrate very nicely that what Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys gang does is intentionally make false and defamatory statements.  There were photographs, a live video, and 300 or more witnesses.  The Joeys don’t care about the truth; their mission is defamation at all costs; the bigger the lie, the better.

37 of the 276 published articles on JIALK describe me as a Hitler or a Nazi.  40 of the 276 published articles on JIALK refer to me as a terrorist.  I have been routinely called anti-American, and I have been falsely branded a “Sovereign Citizen.”  I am not a Hitler or a Nazi.  I am not a terrorist.  I am not a Sovereign Citizen.

On January 28, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I am anti-American.  And, he/she/it falsely and maliciously claimed that I recorded a video a year before in which I spent over 30 minutes explaining how I wanted to “destroy America and replace it with his own form of dictatorial anarchy.”  There is no such video, and I have no such thoughts.  But people who read this garbage may believe it’s true.  That is part of the damage that comes from this defamation.  Now I do appreciate this one, however, because the video that I did record in late January 2013 will prove that this article is false and that Casey P. Hargrove knew it was false.  That’s malice, and that’s the worst form of defamation.

On March 10, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “…no one in Congress ever even knew he came, much less spent the time to listen to his dvd.” And “And with only about a dozen avid followers at this point, there isn’t much left to milk out of this Lawless America scam.”  Lawless America is not a scam.  A scam is a criminal act, and I have not committed any crimes.

Casey P. Hargrove also published this: “And he’s little more than a slum lord of the internet so if anyone legit came looking now they’d run away.”  The only reason anyone will run away is the outrageous defamation by Casey P. Hargrove and the other Joeys.  I am not a slumlord.  I believe Joeyisalittlekid could be considered such.

Casey P. Hargrove has published many articles on JIALK claiming I am a failure and a lowlife.  On August 9, 2013: “he has no job, no family, no life, no purpose or even reason for existing.” On August 7, 2013: “…no one even cares that he exists….” And “…he can’t get anyone to pay attention to him….” On July 29, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I “…failed as a son, husband, father, grandfather, RV owner, movie producer, activist, taxpayer, author, business owner, being a human being….” On March 28, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I “didn’t accomplish one single thing… not one tangible accomplishment.” On July 12, 2013: “He has no life, literally. No family, No job.  No purpose for even waking up in the morning other than his own invented reasons.” On June 18, 2013: “he has no moral character and below average intelligence. This is why he has fundamentally failed at every single endeavor he has embarked on, and will continue to fail until his body has finally cease and desisted….” On June 16, 2013: “He has failed as a stalker, he has failed as a bully, a father, a grandfather, an American, a son, a husband, and as a human being.” On June 4, 2013: “…you are not a grandfather, you are not a father, you are not a husband and you are not even a man.” On May 16, 2013: “he failed as a son, a father, a husband, a granddad, a student, a businessmen (many many many many times), a terrorist, a webpage owner, a facebook page owner, a networker, an RV driver, diet, victim’s advocate, a member of the press, a protest organizer, a book publisher, a movie producer, a pro se litigant, a bully, trip organizer, radio show producer, a home owner, politician for office, and much much more.”  I have been very successful in my life.  I disagree with all of this except RV driver and diet; I wasn’t comfortable driving an RV, and I haven’t done well with most diets.  I never ran for political office, so that doesn’t count.  I’m not a stalker.  I’m not a bully.  The rest of this is atrocious defamation of me as a human being and in my profession.

On September 19, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published an unbelievable statement on JIALK after I published that my father would be celebrating his 95th birthday.  Casey P. Hargrove published this: “…he also would have been wishing for death knowing the monster his oldest son turned in to.”  Talk about malice!

On February 2, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I am “a fat, lazy, stupid, egocentric, hate filled, fraudulent, lying monster….”  Casey P. Hargrove published many, many times that I am a liar.  I am not, and Casey P. Hargrove will never be able to show that I lied about anything when we go to court.  This defamed me in my profession.

On April 26, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published that: “I have millions hidden in my wife’s name.”  This is absolutely false, and it defames me in my profession.

Casey P. Hargrove published an article on JIALK on January 7, 2014 in which Casey P. Hargrove accused me of defrauding Facebook and its users. “Bill Windsor had 50,000 ‘likes’ at one time (or close to it) on his public page but as we looked in to those profiles, the overwhelming majority of those likes were from fake profiles.  So Windsor defrauded Facebook with these likes in the first place and once we exposed his lie he hid all the likes.  He used, for free, FB’s page to go out and lure people in to signing up with his fake movie he would never produce and then solidified it by artificially inflating his ‘likes’ on his FB page to deceive people in to thinking he had a big following.   The usual slap on the wrist just won’t do here.  Facebook needs to show everyone what happens when you defraud them and users nationwide like Bill did.”  Well, I didn’t commit fraud.  I didn’t hide any likes.  I never lured people into signing up for a fake movie.

In other articles and published comments, the Joeys gang claimed the Lawless America Facebook page was removed for reasons other than what I published.  All of this was false, lies made up for the purpose of defaming me.  I don’t know that I ever published this before, but here is the screenshot of the Facebook message that I received when I logged into the Lawless America Facebook page on June 22, 2013:

There was NEVER any nudity, pornography, or solicitation of sex on the Lawless America Facebook page, and I SENT PROOF TO FACEBOOK.  Facebook ignored the proof.

Casey P. Hargrove repeatedly published false and defamatory statements that were false by omission.  For example, Casey P. Hargrove published repeatedly that I had a plan to create citizen grand juries.  But the TalkShoe recordings, the videos, the articles on and Facebook all show that the grand jury effort was with county, state and federal grand juries convened under state or federal law.

Casey P. Hargrove published that I am a vexatious litigant.  But Casey P. Hargrove had complete documentation that provides absolute proof that I have never done anything vexatious and that an alleged federal court claiming I was vexatious is a void order.  By ignoring all of that evidence and not attempting to rebut any of it, because to do so would be impossible, I was defamed by omission.

Casey P. Hargrove both published and implied that I did something wrong in the Maid of the Mist case.  I didn’t.  I was sued by Maid of the Mist, and they made up the lawsuit.  Maid of the Mist’s managers admitted in their depositions that 46 of the 50 sworn paragraphs in the lawsuit (everything but the boilerplate paragraphs) were false.  The judge was corrupt, but Casey P. Hargrove chose to ignore the overwhelming evidence of this and paint a picture that I was wrong.  This is defamation by omission.  The evidence was all on, so Casey P. Hargrove had an obligation to review it.  Casey P. Hargrove can’t refute the evidence, so it is ignored so that the Maid of the Mist case can be maliciously used to defame me.

This is repeated by Casey P. Hargrove ever since October 2012 when JIALK began defaming me.  The facts and evidence are intentionally ignored.  Take for example an article published by Casey P. Hargrove on JIALK on February 7, 2014.  No one in their right mind could say that I have not provided overwhelming evidence that the employee of the University of Montana who I have written about on has committed many crimes, has cyberstalked me, has threatened me, and more.  The evidence is online and in court filings that have been sent to the defendants in Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid, et al. But in this article, Casey P. Hargrove ignores all the evidence, the proof of the perjury of the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE, and presents that I was wrong.  This is what Casey P. Hargrove does, because he/she/it has to ignore and/or distort the truth.  The truth is Casey P. Hargrove’s enemy.  And one of the nice things about JIALK is that NothingBetterToDoToday and Casey P. Hargrove have elsewhere in the 8,000 or so pages noted that the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE is a liar, a cyberstalker, and more.  In an article on October 14, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove even published that he/she/it had evidence that the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE was sending me cyberstalking and/or threat messages from University of Montana computers.  And on December 30, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this about the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE: “He then compounded his mistake by misleading the court in saying he has never emailed Bill.”  But fast forward to February 7, 2014, and Casey P. Hargrove lies and ignores the evidence about the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE, because it was convenient.

On February 26, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published an article on JIALK that expresses that I made up a story about a car in front of me on the interstate in Montana bursting into flames as part of a murder attempt by the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE e.  The article claims I quickly got out of my car and took some photos of the incident.  My published report is very precise that I snapped some photos while driving and that I was afraid to get out of the car.  But the extreme defamation by omission is that I received an email from the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE in which he said he missed when he shot at me, indicating he was surprised by how the other car exploded.  This was fully documented, and I published the email, but Casey P. Hargrove says I made up the story because that way I can be defamed.

Quite often, Casey P. Hargrove simply lies — blatant false statements.  For example, on February 21, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “He then brought in a new phrase to his lexicon by saying he didn’t propose citizen grand juries but rather “Special Regulatory Grand Juries” despite the mountains of documents and videos where he did propose citizen grand juries.”  There are no mountains of documents or videos.  To the contrary, there are tens of hours of recorded programs about county, state, and federal grand juries convened under state or federal law.  There are at least a dozen articles about this, and there are a number of articles and recorded programs about the proposed legislation to create “special regulatory grand juries.”  It is a link near the top right column of EVERY PAGE on  There is not one article or recorded program with ANY specific proposal as to what a so-called “citizen grand jury” would mean, and it was excruciatingly clear that the effort was to reach government-organized grand juries with criminal charges against crooks.

Casey P. Hargrove repeatedly published that I was vexatious and file frivolous lawsuits, yet Casey P. Hargrove never provided any evidence of this.  I am not vexatious, and I have never filed anything that was frivolous.  Casey P. Hargrove’s M.O. is to take something completely out of context and make it the topic.  This is deceptive, and it usually amounts to defamation by omission.  Frivolous means no basis in fact or law, so Casey P. Hargrove, be ready to document how my court filings have had no basis in fact or law.  You won’t be able to.  You have defamed me…but you are smart enough to realize that.

The attempts to declare that I am a Sovereign Citizen are especially heinous.  Casey P. Hargrove has published that since I have met people who seem to be Sovereign Citizens, then I am a Sovereign Citizen.  This is, of course, ludicrous.  I am not now and never have been a Sovereign Citizen.  I have never and will never support violence of any type.  I have never and will never support an overthrow of the government.

On February 27, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published an article on JIALK written by NothingbetterToDoToday that claims that “GRIP and Lawless America were formed by Bill Windsor to take action based on the political views and methods of change advocated by several radical groups.”  This is absolutely false.  I never did anything based on anything advocated by a radical group.  I have never been associated with any radical group, and my ideas have been my own, along with many ideas for legal reform presented to me by housewives, doctors, maintenance personnel, attorneys, disabled people, veterans, and a wide variety of others.

There are MANY published statements on JIALK that charge me with tax fraud and luring people to make donations under the guise that the donations would be tax exempt.  But Casey P. Hargrove told the partial truth on February 19, 2014 when this was published about my very clear statement that I never said any donation was tax-deductible: “…yeah you said they might be.”  The operative word here is “might.”  When the non-profit entity was first chartered in late January 2013, it seems I did say that donations might be tax-deductible on TalkShoe.  I subsequently made it clear that (a) I had learned that they were not, and (b) that I would no longer accept any donations and would only seek funding from a foundation or someone extremely rich.  Despite the fact that Casey P. Hargrove knows the truth, the false and malicious charges that I committed tax fraud fill the pages of JIALK and have not been corrected, retracted, or removed.

On January 15, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I never told people who were filmed for the movie that I needed financing for the movie.  Casey P. Hargrove published this: “Nope, that little issue was never raised until now.”  This is absolutely false, and Casey P. Hargrove has read the pages of this website and listened to TalkShoe shows to know that I explained from the very beginning that we would need financing to do the film properly.  This is false.  It’s defamation, and the fact that Casey P. Hargrove has documents and audio files that prove this is false, well, that’s malice…the worst form of defamation.

Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys gang have repeatedly claimed that I have warped political views that are a danger to society.  This is truly sick and defamatory.  My beliefs have been well-documented.  I support honesty in government, protection of our fundamental human rights, protection of our rights allegedly protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and I want to see government officials held accountable for being honest and protecting these rights.  I was part of a group that presented proposed legislation ideas to Congress.  These legislation ideas were developed through the input of hundreds of people who were filmed for Lawless America…The Movie.  These are primarily common sense proposals that will correct the problems that we have today in our legal system.  By ignoring the content of my “political views” and claiming I am anti-government and a danger to society is outrageous and constitutes defamation by omission.

On January 14, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “[he] hates America. He has said that our soldiers all died in vain. He wants to destroy our Nation and install his own form of vigilante justice as he, and only he, sees fit. Fortunately, he will never accomplish this as he isn’t very good at anything, in fact he is far below average.”  I don’t hate America.  I do believe that we have lost the fundamental rights that our military allegedly fights for.  I have never ever said anything about destroying our nation or using vigilante justice.  And I am good at many things, including documenting criminal activity and defamation by Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys gang.  There is no evidence that I hate America, but there is plenty of evidence where I say just the opposite.  There is absolutely no evidence that I want to “destroy our nation.”  There is absolutely no evidence that I want any part of “vigilante justice.”  There is plenty of evidence that I don’t want any part of anything violent, and that I don’t want any part of doing anything illegal.  October 27, 2012 articleApril 27, 2013 articleFebruary 13, 2013 article  This is what Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys gang do: They make up complete, total lies as part of their expressed goal to destroy me and the movie.  There is no defense for what they do.  They don’t do this out of a belief that this is true; they know it’s all a lie and a distortion.  That’s what they do.  No one could be that dumb.  Sick maybe, but not dumb like that.  These people can read and write.

On February 17, 2014 in JIALK, Casey P. Hargrove published: “Gene Paulson was a founding father of Lawless America or its starter group GRIP.   Well Gene didn’t get the the cease and desist memo from Bill about that citizen grand jury stunt Bill had planned last year. He went ahead and tried it, and … Paulson now faces up to 7 years in prison for merely carrying out what Bill had told him and hundreds of people to do.  … Why is it that their vigilante justice always ends badly for them?”  This is horribly false and defamatory.  First, Gene Paulson was not a founding father of Lawless America.  Second, I had no “citizen grand jury stunt planned last year.”  Third, I never told Gene Paulson or anyone to do anything with a citizen’s grand jury.  Fourth, I have never had anything to do with “vigilante justice.”

I could type for the rest of my life and likely never finish listing all the defamation and refuting it.  It’s easier to say that I believe that virtually everything they have published is either false or intended to distort or hide the truth and defame me.

Casey P. Hargrove has published many false and defamatory things about me on JIALK.  Here are some more lowlights: On April 30, 2013: “a lonely, perverted old man.” On May 2, 2013: “crazy perverted old man.” On May 9, 2013: “A very lonely, single and perverted old man….” On May 13, 2013: “creepy old pervert.” On May 20, 2013: “attention whore who no longer has any real family whatsoever.” On May 20, 2013: “this is a rabid psychotic on the loose and until he ends up either behind bars or institutionalized.” On May 21, 2013: “There will not be a movie, tv show, or even a book, but we are all getting a 24/7 look at the ugliest kind of person..a self absorbed, self centred, egotistical tyrant….” On May 25, 2013: “At this point…forced institutionalization is the only appropriate option.”  On May 28, 2013: “complete detachment from reality.” On May 29, 2013: “expose you to the world for the liar and fraud you really are.” On June 3, 2013: “the old, lonely, sexually perverse, American hating terrorist is just about gone. He can’t even go once sentence without losing his train of thought, or lack thereof. His body is pale, swollen, and you can visibly see his shaking hands increase in intensity. His mind is consumed with his haters and his uncontrollable desire to have vengeance. Soon his body will cease and desist, and it will finally be a brand new day for everyone else.” On June 7, 2013: “Much like his entire life is a waste, he has a way of brining others down in to the muck that he resides in.” On June 18, 2013: “he has no moral character and below average intelligence.” On July 8, 2013: “this monster.” On July 9, 2013: “mindless monster.” On July 11, 2013: “People like [him] are what is wrong with society.  They are the cancer, and they must be exposed to the world as the deadly sickness that they are.” On July 16, 2013: “proclivity to sexual perversion.” On July 17, 2013: “[he] spends his life trying to avoid actual work.” On February 2, 2013: “a fat, lazy, stupid, egocentric, hate filled, fraudulent, lying monster….” This is all false and defamatory.  I do have a tremor in my left hand, and it has become much worse from all the defamation.

On December 22, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK, allegedly written by OReader: “WE know that YOU are just one very mentally disturbed fucked up Asshole.”  OReader obviously isn’t a class act.  OReader is a pathological liar with a foul mouth.

On November 11, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I was alive but most certainly not well: “He is an evil, sick, perverted terrorist, who most of all is a narcissist.”  Casey P. Hargrove went on to say that I have been committing crimes as a “con.”  I’ve never conned anyone, haven’t committed any crimes, am not evil, and not perverted, and am not a terrorist.  Casey P. Hargrove even spelled my name wrong.

One of the favorite things for Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys gang to write about is lying.  It’s an area of expertise for them.  They have falsely and maliciously claimed hundreds of times that I have lied.  I haven’t, and they can never prove I have because there is no evidence of something that didn’t happen.  On December 13, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “…he must submit his lie to court so that he can get extra time to develop his new lies.  The reality is that Windsor has so many vexatious cases going right now he can’t keep them all straight. While he was busy trying to subpoena a cookie in Kansas, he forgot that his answer to [the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE ‘s] motion for dismissal was due.  That is when it became imperative to hit his head on the ice.  And his lie paid off, he was able to buy an extra two weeks in Montana which is now due on the 20th.  Its funny how kids break in to his car and only take his laptop, or his slips on ice right before he is due to answer in court.  Once we look at his life we can see that this is only par for the course.  Windsor has been lying to take advantages of loopholes in our legal system all his adult life.  In fact, that may be the only thing he is really good at doing.”  As I recall, the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE didn’t properly serve me with his motion.  It wasn’t mailed when it was supposed to be mailed, and it wasn’t sent to the correct address.  When it arrived, I immediately dealt with it.  I didn’t hit my head on purpose.  What a pathetic lie that is.  I slipped, fell, fractured my skull, lost the hearing in my right ear, and was in intensive care.  There is plenty of documentation of this.  Just as there is a police report and photos of the break-in to my Jeep as well as a list of stolen items.  So, Casey P. Hargrove, please provide me with your evidence that I lied about the break-in, that I lied about the slip and fractured skull, and please provide evidence of every loophole in our legal system that I have improperly taken advantage of.  You can provide no proof because you are the leader of the guilty in the biggest defamation case in history.

Casey P. Hargrove has published false statements repeatedly about my health. On October 18, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “He did release a facebook message last week saying that he was ok, and he was not planning on having his surgery until December for his made up problem.  For those scoring at home, that means he made up a bogus excuse for missing out on his hearing in Missouri.”  I never made up a problem, and I never made up a bogus excuse for needing to cancel a hearing in Missouri.  Anyone reading this garbage has to see that Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys lie about just about everything.  I have the reports from the doctor and the surgeon.  One of the Joeys even played doctor and tried to claim that a hernia and an abdominal tear cannot be related.  None of the Joeys seem to be brain surgeons much less abdominal surgeons.  Just pathological liars.  A hernia is the result of a weakness in the abdominal wall.  In my case, a tiny hiatal hernia tore Open creating a huge tear in my abdominal wall, and I’ve got the doctor’s bills to prove it.  The only reason to defame me over a health issue is because they thought they could get away with it.  They won’t get away with it in court.

Here’s one of my personal favorite articles by Casey P. Hargrove on JIALK, January 20, 2014: “[Joey Dauben] wasn’t trying to deceive people he just never learned that there are two sides to every story.   His zeal and arrogance caused him to libel many people.   Thats the main reason this blog ever started was a way to give his victims and others a chance to tell the other side of the story that Joey ignored.”  What an absolutely incredible thing for Casey P. Hargrove to publish.  As I see it, Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys gang operate with one overriding consideration: ignore the truth and the facts; just grab some little statement and twist it out of context, and use it to defame Windsor.  The Joeyisalittlekid website is for the purpose of defaming me.  They’ve admitted it in writing.  They always ignore the truth.  None of these people could believe much that they publish.  I refuse to believe that people could be that dumb and irresponsible.  They knew exactly what they were doing, and they conspired openly as a group to do all they could to destroy me and the movie.

On August 20, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK, written allegedly by Ollie Reader: “Much of [Bill’s] auto-biography has been debunked as fiction on this blog and elsewhere. He is NOT the “Grandfather” of the apparel-printing industry. He did NOT publish a book. He has NOT managed large companies. He appears to have lost every lawsuit he filed or had filed against him which made it to the courts (dozens of them). He failed at two runs for elected office. His self-proclaimed “founding” of “The Revolutionary Party” was a complete failure. His ‘founding’ of the cult-like group he calls Lawless America has bombed. And as of recent, [Bill] has become obsessed with his own green eyes, touting that it makes him special, as he’s a member of a 2% class. Yet [Bill] demands to be recognized as superior and special. Claiming to e an “expert” at many things [Bill] professes to be an expert at Judicial Corruption, Grand Juries, Journalism, Movie Production, and so much more. He is not, by any stretch of the imagination an expert at anything—except, unfortunately, avoiding being punished for the harm he intentionally causes others.”  NOTHING in my biography is fiction — not a word.

(To be continued…)

William M. Windsor

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