Casey P. Hargrove of Red Oak Texas commits massive defamation and ignores Correction and Retraction Demand from William M. Windsor – Part 2


Casey P. Hargrove of Red Oak Texas has committed massive defamation and ignored Correction and Retraction Demand from William M. Windsor

This is Part 2 of the Correction and Retraction Demand.  (Here’s the link to Part 1, if you haven’t read it first.)  These are just a few of the false and/or defamatory statements published by Casey P. Hargrove:

On August 27, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK, allegedly written by Yappy (who I believe to be Melanie White): “He sure is able to tell quite the fairytales on about almost any subject he dreams up. 99% of Windsor’s world are complete fabrications when fact-checked.”  This is outrageous.  Okay, Joeys, let’s see the evidence of everything that you claim is a fabrication.  There has been nothing fabricated.  Correct and retract this now.

Yappy goes on to publish the following on JIALK: “I believe [Bill] is a prolific life-long con artist has been able to get away with his con’s for over 40 years large in part because he moved frequently and there was no one keeping track. What troubles Bill the most about a blog like this exposing exactly what he is (with his own words and actions) is the fact he can no longer get away with what he’s doing to others. That’s why he’s in a rage and is attacking everyone he can locate. His scams are exposed, the jig is up. He knows no other way of life but the con and to take his ability to con and scam away, takes away his entire meaning in life. When we take a close look at [him] – the conman – what do we see that fits with every other sociopathic-con man? Below is a great piece that describe’s [Bill], the career con man sociopath. … I’m so ready for an ending to this horrible fake life of the lawless man. In my opinion, there’s no question we’re watching a self-destructive mentally-ill man run around the USA continuing to hurt many people. As much as we’d wish Windsor would stop, pack it up, call it a day and crawl back to his wife and family begging for forgiveness, that’s never going to happen. It won’t happen because [he] isn’t wired like the rest of us. He’s incapable of real love, real emotions and real connections. He is heartless to those he harms, in fact, he gets a sickening pleasurable high off of hurting others. The only way to stop him from hurting, stalking and harassing others is to take away his “drug of choice”. To do so, we need law enforcement and his family to step in and stop this monster. We need a true selfless real American hero to step up to the plate and put an end to the insanity!”  I have never conned anyone.  I’ve never operated a scam.  I am not mentally ill, though I might need some serious therapy after reading all of the defamation by the Joeys.  I’ve never stalked anyone.  I am not a monster.  I am absolutely capable of real love, real emotions, and real connections.  I cannot even summon up words to respond to this, but scum of the earth does come to mind.  Yappy is a horrible person who has defamed me in ways that I hope will curl the toenails of the jurors.  Yappy is actually much worse than Casey P. Hargrove.

On February 19, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove admitted in a published statement on JIALK the goal of the Joeys gang after commenting that I had written that “These people have all but ‘killed’ Lawless America.”  Casey P. Hargrove then published: “…good that was the goal….”

One of the key elements of this was for Casey P. Hargrove to “label” articles with tags that are used by Google and the search engines to find articles.  The labeling turned hundreds of articles into articles based upon the defamatory “labels.”  52 of the 276 articles on JIALK talk about my marriage, children, grandchildren, parents and their funerals, or other family members. 15 of the 276 articles on JIALK talk about me being a sexual deviant. 18 of the articles on JIALK have labeled me as a “sexual pervert.” On February 26, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this in response to a statement that I made in the Windsor v. Joeyisalittlekid, et al lawsuit that Defendants claim to be tracking my Internet activity: “…you mean like how you like to search for escort services?” On October 8, 2012 at 3:41 pm, ColdiCase defamed me in his profession by publishing that I was involved in trying to get two of the subjects filmed by me for the documentary to participate in a lesbian adult film: “So while Presley is hanging with her “Scissor Sister” Connie while [Bill] is explaining to them how doing a lesbian adult film is the best way to fight judicial injustice ….” 16 of the 276 published articles on JIALK claim that I was committing a “con” with my movie filming.  102 of the articles on have labeled me as operating a scam. 19 of the 276 articles on JIALK specifically discuss that I was operating a “scam” with the movie filming. 36 of the 276 articles on JIALK call my movie a “fake movie.”  81 of the articles on have labeled my work as a “fake movie.”  On October 11, 2012, OReader published this on JIALK: “Yeah, anybody that is involved in this little movie is basically going to have all credibility ripped from them.” OReader knows nothing about what will be featured in the movie, and there will be nothing but well-vetted stories used as I made clear a number of times on TalkShoe as well as regularly as I filmed.  14 of the 276 published articles on JIALK address my income taxes or claims of tax fraud.  37 of the 276 published articles on JIALK describe or have labeled me as a Hitler or a Nazi.  40 of the 276 published articles on JIALK referred to me as a terrorist.  I have been routinely called anti-american, and I have been falsely branded a “Sovereign Citizen.”  132 of the articles on JIALK have labeled me as “anti- American.”  Many articles belittled people who were filmed for the documentary by me.  73 of the articles on have labeled me as a “failure.”  43 of the articles on have labeled me as having a “mental disorder.”  122 of the 276 published articles on JIALK either accuse me of a crime or impute that I have committed a crime. (67 stalking; 17 scam; 14 con; 3 mail fraud; 12 tax fraud; 40 terrorist activities; 4 blackmail.)  102 of the articles on have labeled me as operating a scam.  61 of the articles on have labeled me as a terrorist.  10 of the articles on have labeled me as committing mail fraud.  14 of the articles on have labeled me as committing tax fraud.  48 of the articles on have labeled me as a proponent of vigilante justice.  18 of the articles on Joeyisalittlekid. have labeled me as a “sexual pervert.”  65 of the articles on have labeled me as a cyberstalker.  Four of the articles on have labeled me as a blackmailer.  In three articles, Casey P. Hargrove has indicated that I had plans to kill government officials. These statistics address only the published articles, not the approximately 40,000 published comments added to the articles.  The only word for the extent of the defamation is UNPRECEDENTED.

The defamation is not limited to published information online.  There are also videos and audio recordings — slander.  On October 15, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that “its time to celebrate the death of lawless america and its fake movie with a big preview of our own movie….”  So, the Joeys gang celebrated that they killed Lawless America.  They called my business work a fake hundreds of times, calling it a “fake movie.”  At last count, I came up with copies of over 50 defamatory videos designed to destroy me and the movie.

Casey P. Hargrove didn’t do a good job of concealing the motives and the objectives for working to destroy me and the movie.  On May 21, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “This blog, and others will be what writes his obituary, at least in terms of the internet.  And as Bill knows, it doesn’t really matter what is said on your tombstone its what google says about you in the end.  He has literally destroyed the Windsor name and reduced it to trash… Bill knows he is losing this battle, and the more he tries to lash out, the more we can cement his legacy as to what it really is…not the windsor spin.”  On September 9, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “His internet footprint has been cemented, and it will follow him wherever he goes.”  On October 7, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “His name is mud, his family’s name is trashed and it will forever be that way on the internet.   The very thing he wanted to do to his ‘haters’ has been done to him and now the jig is up.  There is nothing left for him to try now but make up and fake his own illness and declare a draw and run away.  To that end my goal with Bill is finally accomplished….albeit one that took much longer than I had anticipated.  I despise frauds in whatever capacity and Bill represented it at its most raw and basic level.  The only way to stop people like him is to fully expose them to the world for what they really are.  [Bill] will forever be known for what he really is, not what he claims to be.  That is internet justice or karma or whatever you want to call it.”  On January 18, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “Have you googled yourself lately Bill?”  On January 27, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “…we are doing a pretty good job with your internet legacy ‘old white fat man.’”  On January 29, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “We are killing your name in the google world….”  On February 10, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “I know frauds like you, and I despise them, much like your local courts. In the end, they will own you personally, but I will own you online.”  In an email, I asked Casey P. Hargrove this: “Hey, how do you own me online? What does that mean?   Casey P. Hargrove responded: “…when I speak of ‘owning you online,’ its in terms of what you wanted to do to people like [Soushie] as in google domination. I admit I’m not quite there yet (about a half a page short at present), but when its all said an done with, when people google you or lawless America they will quickly see my blog, as did the DOJ. And that’s what I mean by ‘owning’ you.”

Casey P. Hargrove has lately been publishing comments claiming that I am a public figure.  That’s ridiculous.  Casey P. Hargrove wrote this: [Bill says he is] “a self proclaimed public figure.”  No, I am not a public figure, never have been, and I darn sure never proclaimed that I was.  Casey P. Hargrove and the Joeys may be suffering delusions that they can say anything they like about me that is false and defamatory because you can sometimes do that with public figures and get away with it.  This shows just how arrogant this gang is.  Both federal and Texas case law make it very clear that I am not a “public figure.” I am not famous. I am not a celebrity. I am not a movie star, sports hero, government official, politician, or business leader. I haven’t achieved public notoriety.  An all-purpose public figure is one who has a continuous and powerful influence on public matters.  A public official is a person who holds a position of authority in the government and would be of interest to the public even if the controversy in question had not occurred.  All-purpose public figures are those whose fame reaches widely and pervasively throughout society.  I have no influence on public matters, much less continuous and powerful influence.  Whether a person is a public figure is a question of law. Rosenblatt v. Baer, 383 U.S. 75, 88 (1966); WFAA-TV, Inc. v. McLemore, 978 S.W.2d 568, 571 (Tex. 1998).  The rationale behind the public figure doctrine is that the public figure has reached such a level of prominence in the affairs of society that it is risking or inviting the spotlight of public attention and comment, or that it is attempting to influence the resolution of issues involved in the controversy. See Gertz, 418 U.S. at 345; Time, Inc. v. Firestone, 424 U.S. 448, 453 (1976); see also Hutchinson v. Proxmire, 443 U.S. 111, 136 (1979) (“regular and continuing access to the media” is “one of the accouterments of having become a public figure”). See Gertz, 418 U.S. at 352; Einhorn v. LaChance, 823 S.W.2d 405, 412 (Tex. App._Houston [1st Dist.] 1992, writ dism’d w.o.j.); Allied Marketing Group, Inc. v. Paramount Pictures Corp., No. 05-99-00165-CV (Tex.App. Dist.5 03/17/2000).) In Gertz, the Court held that a person may become a public figure if: (1) he achieves so much fame or notoriety that he becomes a public figure for all purposes and in all contexts…. (Swate v. Schiffers, 975 S.W.2d 70, 26 Media L. Rep. 2258 (Tex.App. Dist.4 04/30/1998).)  The fact that I have engaged in political activity and/or film production does not elevate me to public figure status.  Obviously a very successful activist or filmmaker might reach that status, but my activities are unknown to all but the direct participants.  We need to go no further than to the pages of JIALK to see that the Defendants make it clear that I am not a public figure.  On August 9, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: [I have] “…no job, no family, no life, no purpose or even reason for existing.”  On August 7, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “…no one even cares that he exists….” And “…he can’t get anyone to pay attention to him….”  On July 29, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I have “…failed as a son, husband, father, grandfather, RV owner, movie producer, activist, taxpayer, author, business owner, being a human being….”  On March 28, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that I “didn’t accomplish one single thing… not one tangible accomplishment.”  On July 12, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “He has no life, literally. No family, No job.  No purpose for even waking up in the morning other than his own invented reasons.”  On June 18, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “he has no moral character and below average intelligence. This is why he has fundamentally failed at every single endeavor he has embarked on, and will continue to fail until his body has finally cease and desisted….”  On June 16, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “He has failed as a stalker, he has failed as a bully, a father, a grandfather, an American, a son, a husband, and as a human being.”  On June 4, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: “…you are not a grandfather, you are not a father, you are not a husband and you are not even a man.”  On May 16, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published this on JIALK: [He has] “failed as a son, a father, a husband, a granddad, a student, a businessmen (many many many many times), a terrorist, a webpage owner, a facebook page owner, a networker, an RV driver, diet, victim’s advocate, a member of the press, a protest organizer, a book publisher, a movie producer, a pro se litigant, a bully, trip organizer, radio show producer, a home owner, politician for office, and much much more.” Gee, JIALK has published that I am nothing, so clearly I am not a public figure.

And on September 17, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove admitted that the published statements of the Joeys have nothing to do with a public controversy: “At the end of the day he can’t take away our right to espousing an opinion on our own site about the things and words he chooses to make public. His continued over the top threats and resorting to racketeering is his way of admitting defeat. Just like his movie…after all that time, money and effort he has nothing.”  Another criminal accusation.  I have never participated in racketeering.  Casey P. Hargrove also published this outrageous criminal charge: “So the man who supports convicted murderers, engages in stalking, harassing, slandering, lying, mail fraud, cyber hacking, and internet threats has turned to blackmail….”  I have only supported convicted murderers if I suspected that they were wrongfully convicted or denied important rights,  I have not stalked anyone, harassed anyone, slandered anyone, lied, committed mail fraud, cyberhacked, threatened anyone, or blackmailed anyone.  Casey P. Hargrove will publish anything false that he/she/it feels will damage me and the movie.

On August 27, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published an article allegedly written by lawlessnomore (who I believe is Michelle Stilipec).  “While Bill sees a civil conspiracy in the faces of the people gathered here, I see a national neighborhood watch working in cooperation with law enforcement for the safety of the public.”  So, this very nicely admits that the published statements of the Joeys are not in response to a public controversy; it’s a public safety issue.  Thanks, Michelle.  Imagined public safety issues are not public controversies, so you have zero protection against your defamation.

The article by lawlessnomore takes the position that I am on a death drive, that I plan to be killed.  “What is left of him but a vampiric like creature that stalks the living in search of lifeblood (in this case wealth and notoriety). Malignant self-love has rendered him unable to contemplate a world without his existence, and yet this conflicts with the pleasure principle, his desire to avoid pain. His final solution lies in manipulating the events of the suicide to look like murder. If Windsor can trap his victim into pulling the trigger, Bill dies believing that he has achieved immortality as a martyr and the ultimate revenge in his victim punished for murder.”  Words escape me.   This woman is truly sick.

On December 16, 2013, Casey P. Hargrove published on JIALK that the purpose of the JIALK website has been to keep me from getting more victims to scam: “Then the kicker, he has people refusing to be scammed by him thanks to all this online exposure, and while that ticks him off it makes me smile. He is directly giving us credit for not being able to get more victims of his scams thanks to the continual exposure.”  I’ve never scammed anyone.  But, my business is not a public controversy, so guess what?  This is wonderful evidence that the purpose of the defamation was not related to a public controversy; it was directed at me personally and my business.  This means in the legal world of defamation, I only have to prove negligence.  And I can prove negligence big-time.

On January 15, 2014, Casey P. Hargrove did publish an article on JIALK in which he/she/it claimed that “Published statements that I am a pedophile never happened on this blog, a pedophile lover never stated, anti-gay never, bigoted nope, a tax evader your own divorce filing states that you haven’t filed a tax return in 3 years, a criminal operating a scam didn’t call you a criminal but where is the movie?, a terrorist Paper terrorism refers to the use of false liens, frivolous lawsuits, bogus letters of credit, and other ungrounded legal documents to harass others, especially against government officials. It is the filing and sending of false documents to intimidate police, government officials and private citizens., a sexual deviant you asked to hear people’s stories of rape and incest, oh and you posted a screen shot of you surfing porn, a liar where is the movie?, and a con man are false where is the movie?”  But JIALK does have many published statements calling me a pedophile and a tax evader, stating repeatedly that I was operating a scam, that I am a terrorist, a sexual deviant, a con man, and a liar.  I never published a screenshot of surfing porn; I published a screenshot of links that were sent to me when I receive a barrage of sex-related spam emails at the same time that JIALK gang members were publishing that they were sending prostitutes to me hotel room, etc.  Filming people’s stories does not make one a sexual deviant, as Casey P. Hargrove well knows.  My divorce papers do not say that I haven’t filed a tax return for three years.  But I do appreciate the evidence, Casey P. Hargrove.  Now cease and desist, and publish corrections and retractions of all 8,000 pages of JIALK and every other site that had printed this defamation.

And let’s not forget that Casey P. Hargrove and Allie Overstreet conspired to falsify documents and use them to defame me.  Here is the article with the evidence of falsification of documents by Casey P. Hargrove and Allie Overstreet.

In mid-February 2014, I published a retraction demand on my Facebook page.  In response, Casey P. Hargrove published an article on JIALK on February 19, 2014.  Casey P. Hargrove ignored the very specific examples that I gave of false and defamatory published statements on JIALK and simply made light of them.  Casey P. Hargrove set out to intentionally destroy me and the movie, and the truth will not get in his/her/its way.  But I do thank him/her/it for playing.  (That’s one of Casey P. Hargrove’s favorite sayings when confronted with the truth.)

Some people like Casey P. Hargrove who aren’t as smart as they think they are feel they can get away with saying anything about anyone.  Some like to think that their “opinions” are protected.  But these folks do not know (or care) what the Supreme Court has said.  And there has never been a case in history with as much defamation as this case.  It establishes a whole new playing field of abuse, and I am confident that a jury will do the right thing and find all of these folks to be extremely guilty.

To those who have published false and/or defamatory information about me: CEASE AND DESIST.  Correct and make a retraction of all of the false and/or defamatory information.  If you don’t have absolute proof that your published statements are true, then issue a correction and retraction.  The correction and retraction must include the following: (1) Give your legal name, address, and contact information. (2) List each false and/or defamatory statement with a specific statements that it is false and a retraction.  So, if 3,000 false and defamatory statements have been made, 3,000 separate corrections and retractions must be published.  (3) Publish this on Joeyisalittlekid’s website, and it must also appear on each and every website where the false and/or defamatory information has been spread on the Internet.  So, if the information has spread to 1,500,000 web pages, the correction and retraction must appear on all 1,500,000.  (4) Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it <!– document.write( ‘</’ ); document.write( ‘span>’ ); //–> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the links to each and every published correction and retraction; put this in all caps in the subject line: CORRECTION AND RETRACTION.

There are hundreds of screen names who have published false and/or defamatory information on  I ask Casey P/ hargrove to publish this article on that site so all of the people who frequent that site know the truth and know of this demand for correction and retraction.  It is impossible for me to list each specific false and/or defamatory statement as yet because there are approximately 50,000 published statements, and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of false and/or defamatory statements or support for such statements, and I have not yet been able to read everything.

I have thus far been unable to get a Texas court to enjoin these folks and force them to take down all the defamatory material.  Until that is done, I feel I have no choice but to deny all the defamation here.

I am producing two expose documentaries about cyberstalking — Slanderella and Slanderfella.  Casey P. Hargrove will be featured.

William M. Windsor

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