Casey P. Hargrove identified as a criminal in Ellis County Texas

Casey P. Hargrove of Red Oak Texas has been identified as a criminal in Ellis County Texas.

This article was posted on the Joeyisalittlekid website and then removed by Casey P. Hargrove.

GingerSnap, is it true that you are Casey P. Hargrove?

Casey P. Hargrove, I know you don’t want to see your OWN criminal behavior discussed on here.  But you knew it had to happen right?

You were elected to be a Red Oak Texas Councilman, no doubt on the strength of daddy’s connections, but I’m sure everyone around you pretended it was YOUR accomplishment.

Then Casey P. Hargrove and the mayor of Red Oak Texas got caught vandalizing the opposition’s campaign signs.  OMG, how humiliating!  Not just CHEATING, but being STUPID enough to get caught.  How do you face the people in that county, all of whom must wonder just how dirty you are?

This is why your blog is so important to you.  You thought you were going to be a leader in your community and you ruined any chance of that ever happening.

The only way you can be SOMEBODY now, is on the Internet where your history is hidden behind a screen name.

I find it odd that you set yourself up as the defender of truth.  Kind of Joey Dauben-like to focus on publicly condemning the very misbehavior you are guilty of yourself isn’t it.  YOU are a fraud, and yet you say you are determined to expose dishonesty in others?

I’m not a shrink but it seems to me you have some kind of self-hatred thing going on Casey P. Hargrove.  Get some help.  And maybe hang up your mouse.  Casey P. Hargrove calling himself Gingersnapoftruth and spending two years purporting to expose a “fraud” is a story that could have legs in your area.

It’s just so ironic in view of the Joey Dauben thing.  Is there something in the water there?  We know Spitunia (Kellie McDougald) has done time.  I wonder how many other GENII (Joeyisalittlekid Gang) are frauds?

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